Testata per la stampa

GiraLagune is a nature-historical cycle path along the network of navigable canals called Litoranea Veneta, which starts from the Punta Sabbioni Lighthouse and ends at the Bibione Lighthouse. Along the route, which connects the lagoons in the area, you will cross the agricultural landscape reclaimed in the first half of the 20th century.

This project complements and builds on the activities carried out as part of the VeGAL Local Action Group’s 2007-13 Rural Development Programme, which saw the municipalities in the area putting into practice a local promotion initiative revolving around five themes (bicycle tourism, food & wine, the environment, waterways, and culture). As part of VeGAL’s “Points, Surfaces and Lines in Eastern Veneto” 2014-20 Local Development Programme (LDP), the municipalities agreed on a series of measures to champion the routes (running along the coast and from the coast to inland areas), the landscape and the rural heritage, in response to growing demand for “slow”, “cultural” and “seasonless” tourism. The initiative falls under the PC01 “Routes” key project in the LDP, which aims to highlight the area’s core qualities or “focal points” on the routes included in the area covered by the LDP: GiraLagune (along the Veneto coastal road and the Eurovelo-Adriatic route) and GiraTagliamento, GiraLemene and GiraLivenza (along the respective rivers). The idea is for them to drive/attract tourism, encouraging their use and establishing a positive environment for the creation and development of services and businesses that generate new employment opportunities.

Departure: Punta Sabbioni
Arrival: Bibione
Arrival: 103 km
Difficulty: easy
Type of surface: 75% asphalt, 25% unpaved
Type of route: two-day excursion